I’m often asked how we choose the guides that work with us here at Reel Florida Fishing Charters. “Did our team of guides grow up together?” “Did we all meet as kids fishing local tournaments?” The answer is quite simple actually, the group of guides that we have on our team come from all different walks of life and in some instances have had second careers before chasing their dreams in the fishing industry. Some of our captains had prior careers in the grocery industry, dive industry, commercial fishing, or even in the field of education (Mr. Kyle). The one thing that we all had in common was a passion for fishing and an interest in sharing those experiences with others.


The newest addition to our team of professional fishing guides who will be showing anglers many memorable fishing days for years to come is Capt. Dominco Schianodicola other wise known as Capt. “Dom”. We’ve gotten to know Capt. Dom over the last few years as he previously managed Freedom Boat Club’s Crystal River chapter and also hustled at Pete’s Pier Marina during his days off. The first thing you notice when you meet Capt. Dom is his infectious smile and willingness to tell his latest fishing story. We are extremely lucky to have Capt. Dom on board with Reel Florida Fishing Charters and those anglers that have already had the opportunity to spend the day with him out on the water most certainly agree.


“Thanks for the awesome day of fishing. All of us felt Captain Dom went above and beyond as our captain. I recommend Captain Domenico Schianodicola.”

Shari Mccollam, recent angler 5 star review