Permit are widely considered the most challenging fish on the planet.  Their large eyes and extra sensitive lateral lines help them detect any unnatural movements or vibrations within their surroundings.  Although these fish test the patients of the savviest of anglers they are still a fantastic fish to target on both fly and light tackle.  Live shrimp and small blue crabs are the live baits of choice and all flies should imitate the similar patterns.

Note:  Often anglers mistake Permit for their close cousins Pompano.  Although both of these fish are members of the Jack family and share very similar features, the easiest way to tell the difference between the two is by the size of the dorsal fin and the size of the fish.  Permit have extremely long black fins where as pompano have relatively smaller fins.  Permit also have the capability of reaching sizes upward of 50lbs where as Permit maintain a size between 2-5lbs.