How many of you enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee to get you going before you start the day? How awesome would it be to put a Tarpon in the air or land a couple of Snook all before most folks pour their first cup of coffee? The trend as of late here along the Nature Coast is to hit the water early and arrive back at the dock in time for lunch. With air and water temps both lingering in the 90’s most anglers will find the best fishing occurs early in the morning often before or just after sunrise.

When fishing low light situations our anglers have found tremendous success in recent weeks throwing surface plugs and flies along the mangrove laden shorelines stretching from Salt River to Fish Creek. These top water style lures are preferred this time of year as their motions disturb the water just enough to ring the dinner bell to any hungry fish looking for breakfast. Rapala Skitterwalks, Mirrolure TopDogs, ChugBugs, and Popper Flies are all great choices for anglers looking to make a ton of noise and entice the appetite of a hungry Snook, Redfish, or Tarpon.


When fishing low light conditions especially during the early morning hours of the summer one of the keys to success is for anglers to use their sense of hearing more than any other senses. The sounds of a slurping Tarpon or the explosion of a Snook feeding on a fleeing pilchard echo’s louder when an anglers vision is impaired due to lower light conditions. Simply casting in the vicinity of the action is enough to get the attention of the feeding culprit.

REMEMBER: When water and air temps are at their warmest fish search out areas of cooler water or shaded over hangs. Early morning or late evening bites are the way to go this month, as most predatory fish prefer feeding early or late when conditions are more comfortable!!! Yes fish can be picky eaters also.



Capt. Kyle Messier has added a new 2022 24ft Pathfinder for his anglers to enjoy going into the fall season. Those anglers that were already familiar with the 2016 24ft Pathfinder Capt. Kyle fished over the last few years will feel equally comfortable as the newer upgrades include more cockpit walking space, upgraded electronics, and a new Yamaha 250 SHO all wrapped with that new boat smell.

Come join us soon to checkout the new whip and help Capt. Kyle get some fish slime on the boat. #NOCATFISHALLOWED


Capt. Kyle Messier

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