Here we are during the first full week of June and Sunny warmer weather along with great tides has been the catalyst for great fishing already this month.  For those anglers that are interested in catching some of the largest inshore game fish featured along the Nature Coast now is prime time to give it a shot.  The stars and the moon have aligned in the perfect sequence to give anglers a great opportunity to target Cobia, Tarpon, and Giant Black Drum this month.  The big news of the month is that the stronger tides brought on by the full moon of June has already pushed in many Cobia and some of the largest schools of Tarpon this season.  Anglers should be on the look out for these fish as they are cruising from spot to spot over the next couple of weeks.

The BIG question until recently has been what happened to all of the Cobia after their first initial arrival in early April?  The run of Cobia was extremely impressive in April as there were many fish pushing 30lb+ landed along our local waters.  Over the last few weeks our local flats have become inundated with Larger Stingrays which Cobia use to find food for them.  Running and gunning the shallow clear waters of the Nature Coast looking for Rays is a sure way to find Cobia.  Baits of choice are live Pinfish, Pigfish, or extremely small Catfish (debarbed).  When targeting Cobia on Rays be sure to present your bait as close as possible to the Ray.  Trust me if the Cobia is Hungry (Which they always Are!) he will find it.

As great as the Cobia fishing has been as of late, early June is symbolic in many ways as it’s normally considered the Prime Time of year for Tarpon fishing along the Nature Coast. Although most anglers consider the New moon of May as the starting point of the Nature Coast Tarpon season because stronger tides and the absence of a bright moon allows most Schools of Tarpon to cruise the flats along the west coast of Florida undetected from many of the predators that feed at night. The first full moon of June is and always will be a date that is highlighted on every Tarpon Anglers calendar. Anglers in search of Tarpon will notice that these fish will be extremely active during first light when most Tarpon will rise to the surface to gulp air as the tides begin to weaken.  It’s these rolling fish that bring anglers from all over the world to the Nature Coast year after year.  With our home waters boasting some of the largest Tarpon Fly Fishing World Records on the Planet its no wonder why this is considered the Super Bowl of Tarpon Fishing.

Very few areas in the world will be able to offer anglers, outdoorsmen and adventure seekers as much diversity as the Crystal River and Homosassa areas can this time of year. From sight fishing Huge Tarpon, Cobia, and Black Drum, to targeting Mackerel, Jacks, and Bonito feeding frenzies the inshore action along the Nature Coast is second to none in Florida.


*          2015 Scallop Season Begins June 27-Sept 15. Please feel free to schedule your next Scalloping Adventure Today!