Professional Fishing Guides

Capt. Jeremiah Carlucci (The Truffle Shuffle Expert)

Capt. Jeremiah Carlucci is one of the best fishing guides along the Nature Coast and he’s been Capt. Kyle’s #1 fishing partner for over 20 years.  As a true Florida Native with “salt running through his veins” Capt. Jeremiah is one of those rare breed of guides whose knowledge and expertise exceeds that of their age.

From the early age of 15 his obsession with fishing the Nature Coast led him into the commercial fishing industry where he crabbed and fished his way onto whom ever’s boat was willing to take him.  Once ensnarled in the real world of fishing for a living, Capt. Jeremiah had the opportunity to learn from some of the most seasoned commercial fishing captains along the Gulf Coast of Florida.  These captains were not your traditional white-collar fishing guides, these were generational captains whose families had pulled nets and traps for decades.  The Kofmehls, Trotters, and Pages of the World taught Capt. Jeremiah a lifetime’s worth of knowledge during his twenty-year commercial fishing career and there may not be a more well versed inshore fishing guide along the Nature Coat than Capt. “J”.

“Captain Jeremiah’s specializes in fishing the shallowest waters along the Nature Coast in search of landing some of the largest Redfish, Snook, and Speckled Trout found anywhere along Florida’s Gulf Coast.”